30 premium digital faces located in the heart of the city.


Play is our new premium digital media portfolio, connecting brands to people when they are active and Out-Of-Home.

Digital technology is evolving Out-Of-Home (OOH) into a dynamic platform for real-time, tactical, topical and flexible communications. Clear Channel's Play portfolio provides a transformational opportunity to bring Out-Of-Home back to centre stage as one of the most powerful communication tools. We will work with you to exploit these opportunities and deliver highly engaging and memorable campaigns.

With Clear Channel's Play, the ability to provide increased Context, Immediacy, Interactivity and Creativity opens up new possibilities for advertisers to engage with their target audiences.

Creatively engage audiences in the Business, Retail and Entertainment environment.

Singapore's first digital street furniture network features 30 high-definition 72-inch screens, all made for the outdoor environment, that are located at bus shelters in the busy premium locations along the Orchard Road shopping belt and the Central Business District (CBD). Through multi-copy updates, dynamic content and the interactivity provided through NFC, advertisers can tailor messages throughout the day and tap into moods and mindsets. Come and Play.

Reap the benefits:

  • Prestige - Premium product situated in premium locations around premium environments.
  • Exclusive - 30 locations pegged to a maximum of 1 to 5 advertiser, each advertiser is independent in his / her category.
  • Creative Richness - Quality display featuring movement and engaging content.
  • Relevance - Variable time and environment sensitive copy.
  • Immediacy - Rapid and reactive change of copy.
  • Flexibility - Flexible time, location and budget.
  • Connectivity - Use QR, NFC and Wi-Fi to download rich content. All sites are enabled with mobile life!
Play Max

Inventory: 30 panel faces.
Distribution: 15 traffic-facing (sequential transitional), 15 non traffic-facing (animated).
Profile: Central Business District and Orchard Road.
Specifications: 1.08m (width) x 1.92m (height).

Play Mini

Inventory: 10 panel faces.
Distribution: 5 traffic-facing (sequential transitional), 5 non traffic-facing (animated).
Profile: Central Business District and Orchard Road.
Specifications: 1.08m (width) x 1.92m (height).