Create is Clear Channel's creative solution to out-of-home, specialising in imaginative, innovative, fun and un-missable campaigns. Our team of creative specialists always aim to deliver engaging, immersive and memorable brand experiences, bridging the physical and digital world that continually push the boundaries of what is possible within out-of-home.

Scroll left to see some of the latest technologies and technique that you can leverage on to bring your brand to life!


Interactive and digital

Use the latest technology and innovative displays to encourage deeper brand engagement offline, to drive conversation online and create impact and awareness beyond the campaign location through seamless integration with other digital platforms and social media.


  • Interact via touch screens, gesture, face tracking and smartphones.
  • Trigger, integrate and share content via social media, data and web feeds.
  • Make your audience the star through immersive experiences such as augmented reality.
  • Add vending, printing, scent and audio to reward users and ensure an unforgettable engagement.

6-sheet showcases

By removing the internal workings of a 6-sheet we can create unique, fun, innovative and inspiring advertising displays incorporating static, moving or interactive elements to grab and hold the attention of your audience.


  • Proven to generate PR & word-of-mouth.
  • Encourage interaction with buttons, sensors, lighting, audio and scent.
  • Use a smartphone to connect, activate and control the contents.

Theatrical builds

Escape the confines of a traditional poster and amplify your creative assets to deliver an unmissable special build! From giant 2D cut-outs to 3D builds and special effects, deliver innovative and unique out-of-home advertising nationwide.


  • Communicate brand values, features and personality.
  • Huge variety of materials and special effects can be used, including bespoke lighting.
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