Proximity Packs

Using the insights from SOAR, we have crafted out ProxPax (also known as networks) across national, CBD, retail, fast-food, recreational, social, vehicular, commuter, school-going, teenage and ethnic environment. All for your convenience! 

As some of you might already know, we operate 8 out of 10 bus shelters in Singapore; and by virtue of that fact, our large inventory allows us to put high-impact poster sites in each and every ProxPax. By not replicating high-impact sites in any of the ProxPax, we increase the opportunities for you to always get the best sites, regardless of the ProxPax that you book. At a minimum, a two-week campaign with 200 poster sites can easily generate 80% reach, 15 times. There is probably a ready-made ProxPax for you, if we understand which stage of the marketing funnel where your campaign is at.

For example, if you need to generate fast awareness, we would recommend Everywhere. With 300 poster sites evenly distributed across Singapore, Everywhere delivers 89% reach, 17 times. 

Not to worry, flexibility is not forgotten. You can mix and match ProxPax to reach out to a broader or better defined target audience.

For example, we can easily put together a Spree + SuperValueDeal + PG hybrid pack to catch the attention of female working adults who shop for herself at lunch break, as frequently as she shops for her young family after work.

Looking at the map, you'll see all the ProxPax that are 200 faces and above.
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