Everyone loves a good set of fact and figures and you will be pleasantly surprised to know that we have got some pretty impressive ones. Should you be a media trader, buyer, planner, strategist, or even an advertiser, you will need insights to determine what would make an impactful campaign.

Reach and Frequency, the two figures that every advertiser or planner wants to know when they are considering a network (or how we affectionately refer to as ProxPax). With SOAR, these and more insights are available at your fingertips.

Singapore Outdoor Audience Research (SOAR) is an initiative by Nielsen Media and co-funded by Clear Channel Singapore and 3 other out-of-home media owners. This savvy tool produces audience insights for out-of-home advertising that can be used not only in planning, but trading and valuing advertising investment in the medium, alas! Travel journeys of consumers are visually tracked via software and trips mapped out to show which outdoor sites consumers passed by. 

Apart from SOAR, we have other types of research and insights available at your request, ranging from consumer behaviour research, categories research, cost effectiveness of using Clear Channel, to case studies (yes, real results for actual campaigns). In fact, these studies and insights can easily be accessed through our Clear Channel Client Centre.

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