We are Clear Channel Singapore!

Ever wondered how advertisements end up on bus and taxi shelters, building façade or generally anywhere out-of-home?

Well that’s what we do at Clear Channel Singapore. We help advertisers put their ideas out there. Clear Channel Singapore sell out-of-home media space to advertisers & media agencies, using the oldest but still one of the most effective media vehicles available.

Our second-to-none island-wide coverage offers advertisers 100 million opportunities for brands to meet people. With 80% of all bus and taxi shelters in Singapore, our inventory delivers uncompromising reach that stretches each dollar further to more (or right) audiences.

We believe in investment (in quality), to provide our well-trained, cross-functional media-conversant team with tools to measure audiences and systems to generate environmental data that benefit our advertisers.

Oh… and we have a lot of fun doing it!

Clear Channel Singapore is part of Clear Channel International (CCI). CCI reaches 500 million people every month across Asia Pacific, Europe and Latin America. We have an advertising portfolio that puts brands where they want to be. 760,000 print and digital sites in 28 countries, connect our advertisers with half a billion people.

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